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Vintage Zuni Sun Face Squash Blossom

Vintage Zuni Sun Face Squash Blossom

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The Zuni know the important role that the sun has in agriculture and sustaining all life. They celebrate the sun and created a symbol to honor it. Sun Face represents continuity of their crops, stability and life. They also believe that using the Sun Face symbol helps keep families happy and serene. The Sun Face symbolizes positive energy, peace and happiness in addition to abundance, life, and continuity. Many Zuni continue to use this symbol for all of these things. 

This Vintage squash blossom is made from sterling silver and features handmade silver beads measuring 24" long, with the middle "pendant/naja" measuring 3" long. Believed to be from the 1950's or 1960's.

No visible artist stamps or markings.


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