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Vintage Blue Turquoise Hand Carved Fetish Necklace by Peter & Dinah Gasper

Vintage Blue Turquoise Hand Carved Fetish Necklace by Peter & Dinah Gasper

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This amazing necklace starts with some of the most beautiful blue turquoise. Featuring hand rolled heishi beads in addition to the most intricately carved turquoise animals, including birds, turtles, bears, frogs, owls, fish, sheep, fox, and more! The eyes and noses of the animals are little pieces of red coral. Finished at the top with two silver cone beads, this necklace will be the center of attention anytime you wear it!  30" long

A bit about the artists:

Dinah Gasper was born in 1944 and comes from a strong lineage of Zuni fetish carvers. Dinah is the daughter of Edna Leki and the granddaughter of renowned Zuni carver Teddy Weahkee. The Weahkee family is considered the oldest Zuni family to carve Zuni Fetishes. Teddy Weahkee worked directly with C.G. Wallace in the early 20th century and is considered to be one of Zuni’s most famous carvers along with Leekya Deyuse.

Dinah has had a long and acclaimed career with her late husband, Peter Gasper (1938 - May 2011). Peter and Dinah are said to have been the first Zuni fetish carvers to inlay fetishes with heartlines. They also figured out a way to inlay their hallmark into their stone carvings using a small round piece of silver (although not all their carvings have this).

Peter and Dinah carved together in the traditional style. For a period of time, they carved primarily water animals, such as frogs, turtles, and fish. The Gaspers are also known to have carved a wide range of creatures, as stand-alone carvings or part of Fetish necklaces. They have won many prestigious awards.

Even though Pete has now passed, Dinah continues to make amazing, one-of-a-kind fetishes and fetish necklaces. Dinah’s carving is so delicate and exquisite, she is considered the premier Zuni artist for hand carved Fetish necklaces.

Peter and Dinah Gasper’s Zuni Fetish Carvings usually carry a silver hallmark.

Pictured below is Dinah

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